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Art Incontro - Art Tours with Lucia Parrella

Lucia Parrella initiated art INCONTRO in 1999 with the aim of encouraging cultural exchange with artists and craft practitioners in central and southern Italy. The art INCONTRO programs are lead by Lucia, who also facilitates the practical art sessions as outlined in each itinerary.

ART INCONTRO offers cultural programs in Italy for people with an interest in visual Italian art and craft and a desire to find time and inspiration for their own creative projects and interests. Three unique programs are offered each year based in Umbria, the Bay of Naples and Sicily.

Italian ArtART INCONTRO incorporates touring with workshops and field trips in drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking. The programs are facilitated by Lucia Parrella, an Italian-Australian artist working in collaboration with local artists and craft practitioners in Italy. Each ART INCONTRO program is enhanced by local art historians, artists and craft practitioners presenting lectures and practical demonstrations in a range of studios settings, craft workshops, museums and contemporary galleries. Specific art skills are not required to participate in the program, which is flexible to engage both beginners and experienced artists.

ART INCONTRO programs are also designed for people who appreciate a degree of autonomy and wish to experience something of genuine Italian art and living. For this reason, the programs are based in comfortable apartment accommodation which reflects the character of the communities in which we live.

ART INCONTRO groups are small with numbers ranging from between eight to twelve participants. This small size allows for a flexible program and enables us to interact with local artists and craft practitioners.

ART INCONTRO programs provide a unique opportunity to develop ideas and skills while being immersed in the landscape, history and language of central and southern Italy.


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